Thurgoona Group Takes Action

Brilliant opportunity
The active local residents’ group, the Thurgoona Community Action Group (TCAG), has organised an amazing opportunity for the local community to meet the upcoming candidates running for the council elections which will be on 4 December this year.

The Community Forum will be held at the Thurgoona Country Club Resort on Thursday 18 November from 6.00 – 7.30 pm – all are welcome.

Thurgoona needs you there
To show that Thurgoona’s future development and support matters to you, come to hear from those who might be representing you on council and how they will support you and your family. This will help with knowing the best candidate to vote for.

Thurgoona better represented
Members of Thurgoona Community Action Group took out Justin Clancy MP – Member for Albury, for a tour of Thurgoona on Tuesday 14th September. Their focus was on raising his awareness about issues related to the future wellbeing and lifestyle of the Thurgoona community. They discussed how the impact of traffic flows and the lack of public transport, the conservation of environmental lands, educational/schooling opportunities, development, and recreational opportunities seem to be inconsistent to the vision and spirit of the Thurgoona Wirlinga Structure Plan.

Justin listened, was sympathetic, provided many insightful comments, and offered to provide help and advice where he could. TCAG would like to thank him for his time and for showing a genuine interest in what happens in Thurgoona. Justin has since followed up by directly lobbying the Minister for Education on behalf of our Community.

What is TCAG?
Thurgoona has become well-placed to ensure that local residence concerns are heard by different levels of government through the locally formed Thurgoona Community Action Group. Speaking into the political realm is a daunting task, even for a passionate or concerned resident who really wants to make sure that Thurgoona is the best place possible to live. However, when individuals band with others they can have a voice that is better heard.
TCAG is a group of local Thurgoona residents who passionately work towards making the needs of Thurgoona known within different tiers of government. Their work has meant that they have regular meetings with AlburyCity council so that there is good communication occurring and concerns can be brought up in a timely way.

All are welcome
If you would like to learn more about TCAG or join this effective group, email them at [email protected]

TCAG’s Mission
“To advocate on behalf of the Thurgoona-Wirlinga region on social, environmental and economic aspects impacting liveability, through a sustainable balance between development and the natural environment.”

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