Cold Concrete a “Bummer” for Seniors.

Diane Martin

Out and About

After the COVID-19 shutdown, we are now encouraged to spread our wings and share time with friends and family.
Being of a certain senior age, it feels safer to be starting these early steps back to social activity by heading outdoors. Our choice was to venture out on a beautiful day. We decided on a much-needed walk and talk with friends in our amazing Thurgoona (safe distance naturally) and then stop for a cuppa together.

Heading back for the table and seats that are under the BBQ cover at Thurgoona Community Centre was the plan. There we could sit and relax with the coffee and cake we had packed for ourselves. However, on returning to this area we had originated from, we found it in use. There are two tables there, but only one was being used.

Staying was not an option for us as these people, who also felt the need to be out and about on this lovely day, were smokers. So, in this undercover confined area, as lovely as it is, it was not suitable for our health for us to stay. Can I just quickly add public toilets on the TCC grounds at this stage of our walk would have been handy, but that’s a story for another day.

Shocked to find

Can you believe, to our astonishment, we could not find an area that was in our Thurgoona location that had picnic tables under the amazing trees that Thurgoona is known for? The one that sits in dry dusty surroundings near Woollies traffic did not appeal.

Eventually we ended up in the recently constructed area of endless concrete and overhead covers, which is near the roundabout at Thurgoona Drive and Tabletop Road. This could have been a special spot for locals to meet and greet. It is near the shops and central to all the people that live in this lovely area. Also, the tourists that come to check us out would pass it easily.

The confusion was to us, that perhaps the picnic table and benches might have been forgotten in the rush to have this area finished? Or maybe this is some modern design idea that might look appealing to some but doesn’t deliver on comfort or practicality? The overhead covers are there, trees planted but having concrete blocks to sit on was definitely a huge thumbs down. Or should I say bums down!

What’s Happening?

Come on AlburyCity you must be able to do better than this? Please go driving and see the need at Thurgoona and fast track this problem of the lack of outdoor facilities! We need table and seats now! Get some local businesses working locally and please get this much needed problem solved.
Thurgoona seniors don’t want to always head to the rivers or to another suburb to enjoy time sitting and chatting with friends. This is our area please make it more user friendly.

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